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From a Client-centric Point of View

At Dawn Wilson Realty, it’s really not about us. It’s about you, the client.

Our passion is simple: promote and protect the interests of our clients. Buying or selling your home or land often occurs during a life transition, bringing with it both joys and challenges that make life interesting. Our ultimate goal is to make that transition as stress-free as possible.

Our job as Realtors® is to -
  • Keep clients informed during the entire process of buying and selling their property
  • Help clients stay organized and focused on their ultimate housing goal
  • Deal with the myriad details and deadlines of a contract
  • Serve and be loyal to clients' best interest in all aspects of the transaction
  • Follow clients' instructions in a timely manner
  • Account for all monies handled on the clients' behalf
  • Recommend service providers and professionals as needed

Holidays and Vacation Policy:
At Dawn Wilson Realty we think your questions and concerns are important, even if a pressing need comes up while we are on vacation or over a holiday. Our office policy requires all vacationing agents to leave all active files with the agent on duty and to brief that agent on all details of the transactions, including contact information for all parties involved in the transaction. And to inform their client who the substitute agent is and how to reach them. We ask our clients to be respectful and thoughtful about contact during national holidays, but we know that sometimes this is the only time you have available to attend to your real estate questions, needs, or problems, and we will be there for you, every time.