At Dawn Wilson Realty we are guided by the REALTORS® Code of Ethics in everything we do.


This industry is about communication and cooperation and the National Association of REALTORS® help make this possible by providing us with the tools we need to effectively share our listings and serve our clients. We are proud to be associated with this organization.

We feel good about what we do for our clients.  Most often folks move because of some compelling reason, a spouse’s death, a job change, expanding or contracting family, all things that come with sadness and joy and fear and confusion. Your job is to be the non-anxious presence that guides them ethically through the process of buying or selling a home. 

Our goal is to help you, the agent, reach your goals. Part time or full time or all the time (as we sometimes work) is your decision. We want you succeed in a way that suits your life goals. We have four steps to facilitate your success:


  1. Maximize the agents’ income: We pay a generous split on every transaction so you can easily determine your income. 

  2. Minimize the agents’ expenses: No desk fees, no franchise fees, no admin fees, no paperwork fees, no technology fees.  

  3. Provide the tools to get you started on your career: Signs, business cards, website, 800 number with your extension, IDX cooperation, Errors and Omissions insurance, email address, and access to a Broker-In-Charge who is excited to work with agents to build their business! 

  4. Support: Jason Land is an experienced agent and Broker-In-Charge who is here to support you by text, phone or email for any issues you might encounter. He will encourage your growth, provide IT support and will encourage you to be a professional role model for other agents. You will not sit in a classroom doing forced cold calling or sit in long meetings or follow a prescribed business plan - You will run your business to be as large or small as you determine.


As a new agent, there are four things you must do to assure you are heading in the right direction for your success. 


  1. Learn your way around all the contracts and addenda. Most of the answers to your questions can be found by becoming familiar with the standard forms and addendums that have been provided to us. We are mandated to fill in forms, not create them. The NCREC forms committee and the National Association of REALTORS® have done a good job keeping the forms updated and relevant. 

  2. Know the MLS. It is the most powerful tool we have as a REALTOR®.

  3. Learn how to present the Working with Real Estate Agents disclosure. Practice till you find your own style and feel comfortable. 

  4. Know the inventory and the agents in the area you choose to work.  Go to open houses, preview new listings, send feedback to other agents. This will build strong relationships with other agents.


These four things will put you on your way to a career of satisfying transactions. Knowing you have helped someone make one of the biggest changes we humans make in our lives will motivate and satisfy you. 

We are proud of the firm we have built over the last 15+ years and we’d like to share our fine reputation and help you to have a successful career. I would love to talk with you about your career with Dawn Wilson Realty.


Please contact Jason Land at 704-214-4197 or to learn more about joining our firm!




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